Renting a satellite phone

What you need to know before choosing a provider.

Do you remember your first cellular phone? You had to choose from different providers, products, services and airtime. Renting a satellite phone for the first time is straightforward if you keep a few simple points in mind:

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals
Ensure your satellite phone will work when you need it
Not all satellite networks are created equal. Some are known to have mediocre call quality, higher incidence of dropped calls, or less coverage. Check that the service you are considering has coverage in your planned destination.

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals
Are the rental terms flexible? Do they reflect your travel schedule?
Whether travelling for ten days or three weeks, choose a plan that will provide you with the most value and greatest flexibility. Many rental companies charge in full weekly or monthly increments, even if your trip is only a few days. Don't pay for days you don't need, select a plan that fits your itinerary.

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals
Confirm you'll receive the latest model at no additional cost
Think about overall portability , quality and any additional accessories required for your trip. Some providers will charge you more if you want the most up to date model of phone or accessories.

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals
Make certain customer and technical assistance are available
Although dialling a satellite phone is similar to dialling a mobile phone, there are some important differences. For example, satellite phones cannot be used indoors, or in other locations where there is not a clear line of sight with the satellite. Your service provider should offer you a good instruction guide and 24-hour access to a help desk that can offer support. Some service providers will charge you for your call to the help desk, in other cases these calls are free calls.

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals
Compare airtime rates
Does the provider offer airtime discounts ? Airtime bundles are a great way to lower your per-minute cost but look for ones that work for you.

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals
Two-stage dialling can reduce costs for callers to your Iridium rental phone
A direct incoming call to you is free; however callers can be charged as much as $20.00 per minute by their local provider to call an Iridium satellite phone. Two-stage dialling lowers the cost of calling your Iridium phone to the equivalent of a call to America. Make sure your provider supports two-stage dialling and offers instructions on how to use it. Click here to learn more about using two-stage dialling.

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals
Determine how you will be billed
Look for a provider that offers itemized invoices that detail your usage.

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals
Is it easy to return the phone?
Not all providers provide a complete return shipping package. Detailed instructions, pre-populated consignment notes and free return shipping* make it easier when you get back.

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